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SEO service that works

To give you an idea of the results for previously created sites, see the list below:

www.hilcotehouse.co.uk   keywords  “B&B Harpenden”  no.1 on Google

www.powerflushing.co.uk keywords  “power flush Herts”no.1 on Google

www.gaiarose.co.uk keywords “1st degree Shoden Herts”no.1 on Google

www.dmelectricals.org.uk keywords “electrician Kingsbury Wembley” no.1 on Google

www.acrrecovery.co.uk keywords “breakdown recovery Watford”  no.4on Google  (still working on ongoing SEO)

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SEO service that works – I have a few tricks up my sleeve but its no secret really. Well targeted keywords and content for each page on your website is key. Each page needs to have its own subject. And and subject consist with a just few keywords. You then place this keywords within you title, headers, sub headers and content and search engine description, that’s it!

Well, actually there’s a bit more to it than that. To find out more about how my SEO service works, and how it can benefit your rankings, simply get in touch today via my Web Design & SEO contact form or call / text to 07960 047978