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Web Design & SEO Services: Canary Wharf & Isle of Dogs

If you have just started your own business and find yourself at the stage where you are ready to take your company to the next level but don’t where to start when it comes to creating and growing your online presence, then you you have landed at the right place.

MX can set you up with the online and offline basics that you will need. Such as a website that reflects your company image and objectives. A site that won’t blow your budget and can easily be developed as your business grows. In fact, the best way to grow your online presence, is that it needs to be done gradually. And this process involves a few stages which to be fair, does take a bit of time. It simply can’t be rushed but it will be worth the wait.

But what makes me so special compared to let’s say a top agency in London, I hear you ask?

For starters, my costings are far more affordable and sensible. And what you’ll get is my London design agency experience, without you having to pay London prices.

You don’t have to for pay anything until your completely satisfied with the final designs.

And secondly, MX am open 24/7. MX never closes, even during the holidays. Which means MX is always available to help and support you with any queries that you may have. MX’s main goal is to provide you with a more personal customer service, and treat your business needs and requirements. And if you just wanted some advice, MX will of course help you as best as possible.

*hosting fees apply £29 per month • £9 per month for extra email accounts • Stock photo £10 each

Domain name

Now before you decide on your domain name, please consider a few factors. If at all possible, try to include a main keyword that will indefinitely relate to your business. For example, instead of naming it www.johnsmiths.co.uk  Maybe perhaps include something a bit more descriptive like www.johnsmithscarpenters.co.uk And if you only want to target a certain area or you would like your customers to know where you are based, then include a town or county within the domain name. Having said that, there are other ways round this so you can target to whole of the UK if you really wanted to.


Logo and branding

If you don’t have a logo designed or require a new branding, just let us know what you had in mind. Over the years, MX have designed countless number of logo and marketing material for large and small business alike. Just let MX know your preferred colours and style and MX shall get back to you with a few proposals.


Website design

Once you have established your new logo, then its time to create a website based on your new or current branding. Your website will be completely unique and tailored to fit your business image. MX will personally design and create your website for you. MX will initially provide you with a few live mockups until it has been created to your exacting standard. Once approved and tested, MX shall then proceed to launch your new website. Once launched, only then shall MX send you your invoice.


Responsive sites

Google now only prefers mobile friendly websites. Since April 2015, your rankings would have been affected if your site is not mobile friendly. These days, 70% of all searches are now through mobile devices. Google now checks to see if you have a mobile friendly website, which makes for higher rankings.

If you don’t have a mobile friendly site, your potentially losing valuable customers for your business.

You can test your site yourself using the Google mobile-friendly tool. If you do pass, then great. If you don’t, give MX a call to get your site fixed and mobile friendly.


Website hosting

Decide if you require website hosting. MX can provide you with a hosting package which has a minimal fee per month. This would also include a business email account and online support. But if you already have a hosting account, then MX can simply upload the final website to your own hosting account.

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