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Why do I need SEO when I thought my website was SEO’d to begin with?

You can have a website that is search engine optimised at the very beginning and leave it to perform well for a long time to come. But with the ever changing technology and changes in algorithms, along with newly best practice rules being rewritten, your website will eventually become out of date or simply lose rankings. The best way do describe how a website can become ineffective overtime is by comparing it to buying a new car for business proposes.

New company car for my new business, what could possible go wrong?

So imagine you just bought yourself a shiny new car. And in beginning your excited and you can’t wait to take it out for a spin to impress your new clients. And when you do, everything is exactly as expected. You car looks great and it is cost-effective for getting to you to and from work. Which happens to be in a particular area where your customers are based. Now, to get there you need to go through a toll gate. But not to worry because it’s free. You can use a faster lane to get through to meet your customers but you have to pay a premium to use it. Some drivers try to cheat the system and cut in the queue, but they get stopped at the toll booth and get sent to the back of the queue or even banned from entering at all. But you have chosen not to take the fast route since your new car is getting you on time to the front of the queue. And this has been consistent every morning thus far. So day after day your new car is productively working, getting you to meet your new customers on time. In turn, helping you generate those all important sales.

Long delays ahead

But after awhile you notice that when you try to get to your customers over the next few weeks or months, more and more cars are getting to the toll lanes before you. And the queues are getting longer and longer. In fact, the queues are so long that you can’t even see the toll booth any more. And your thinking, but my car is running fine. It’s in the same condition as it was when I bought it. It’s starts first time every morning and drives perfectly well. So why am I so far back in the queue? The day passes and your still stuck in the queue. You have no choice but to either turn back home or sit it out.

So what’s the hold up?

Whilst sitting in the queue, curiosity gets the better of you. You decide to get out and have a sneaky peak at the other cars that are way in front of you. To your surprise, they all look similar to yours. You were expecting a Ferrari or something. And you can’t seem to understand how they manage to get the front of the queue so much quicker. So you decide to investigate further and look under the hood, whilst one if the drivers was unaware. You notice that driver has indeed spent a lot more time and attention to his engine. He has also considered better aerodynamics. And even chosen a special type fuel. All in all the driver it seems, has hired a specialist mechanic to finely tune their engine. As a result, they are performing far more efficiently than your car. So now, this particular driver is getting to the front of the queue a lot quicker than you are. Leaving you behind in the queue to wait, for good!

Very particular toll booth

Not only that, to add insult to injury, the toll booth are even choosing the best performing cars to go first and telling the slower performing cars to wait. Which means these other drivers manage to meet your potential customers before you do. And you basically lose out on business every single morning, day and night.

Fine tune your engine

And the only reason why you can’t get to the front quick enough, to be allowed to meet those new customers, is because you simply haven’t considered investing in hiring a specialist mechanic. If you did, you would once again be able to meet and deal with those all important customers again.

Hire an SEO expert

So the moral of the story is, make sure you have some kind of monthly budget to invest in an SEO specialist. Or else, Google will leave you at the back of the queue for good. no matter how good you think your website is running or aesthetically pleasing it is to look at.

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