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Responsive Website Design

Have your responsive website designed today, payment spread over 12 months at £49 per month. It has taken years to perfect this digital formula that turns user searches into profit for your business.



Marketing Artwork

Don’t have a logo or stationery yet? Don’t worry, MX can design and create this for your website too. MX offer print design for posters, brochures, letterheads, business cards, wedding invitations & packaging.



Super Fast Web Hosting

Free business email, ongoing support, monthly maintenance and software updates included with super fast solid state drive server hosting service.

Costings & process in a nutshell

Website design monthly cost set-up fee, spread over 12 months at just £49 per month. Monthly update and maintain my websites every month. You get my knowledge and personal support 24/7 via email or text. Simply provide your content and your own or paid for photos. I can source new photos for £10 each, minimum order of 10 photo/images.

If you require website hosting, it will cost just £29 per month. Pay ongoing monthly fee a month later. No contracts. Cancel anytime. You can edit the site yourself or I can do this for you. You get one free business email account. 

Artwork such as logos will cost just £39 per hour. Lead-time and a quote will be provided prior to proceeding with any design work.

You can phone when I’m available or miscall and I’ll call you back. Any further questions, just contact MX.

Latest website design work

For all your online marketing and web design requirements, get in touch today. Over the years, MX have created a number of web design projects in a variety of locations, for small to medium sized businesses. Here are a few website projects and their locations:

Web Design Welwyn & SEO Service – www.twbrothersflooring.co.uk, Web Design Welwyn – www.gaiarose.co.uk, Web Design Hatfield & Logo Design – www.bounceandplay.co.uk, Website Design Welwyn & SEO Service – www.revivepowerflushing.co.uk, Web Design St Albans & Logo Design – www.dp-motors.com, Web Design Hitchin – www.tec-2000.co.uk, Web Design Watford & Logo Design – www.acrrecovery.co.uk, Web Design Hitchin – www.tec2000.co.uk, Web Design Enfield – www.artandyou.co.uk, Web Design Leighton Buzzard – www.stangatehr.co.uk

How to get your business online and what to consider beforehand

Website Domain Name

Firstly, let MX know if you have decided on choosing a suitable web address or domain name for your business. Ideally, you would have chosen to included at least one keyword within your domain name that suggests what your business is about. For example, instead of just www.johnsmith.com, why not use www.johnthewebdesigner.com. And even better, why not use your geographic location www.webdesignerbarnet.com or with hyphens for better legibility www.web-designer-barnet.com. If you wanted to target a much larger area then perhaps consider www.web-designer-herts.com. The more descriptive your web address is, the easier it will be to be found on search engines by your potential customers. I have learnt the hard way.  Many years ago, people chose thier domain name, but didn’t really consider using any main keywords within their own domain name. This meant it made it, not impossible, just bit more trickier to rank. And these days, the competition is fierce. There is literally a silent virtually online war going on 24/7. So any advantage that you create now, will always be a great help later on down the line. You also need to be able to register the domain name at the registrar such as 123-Reg or A2 Hosting. This way you alone will have full control over your domain name. If for whatever reason you prefer myself to register it for you, there will be a small yearly renewal fee starting at £29.

Superfast Hosting Server

MX have recently transferred across to my new Solid State Server, and have never looked back. Not only is it blazing fast, it optimises sites with a special plugin, only available with A2 Superfast Hosting. But don’t take MX word for it, check out the specs for yourself by click the banner below.

Website Email Address

You will also need to keep in mind that your domain name will also be part of your final email address. So if you have chosen www.web-designer-canary-wharf.com, your new email address could potentially be something like sales@web-designer-canary-wharf.com or enquiry@web-designer-canary-wharf.com. Once the email address account has been setup, I shall forward you the details and settings when the time comes. You will be able to add your email account to your pc, Mac, smartphone or tablet. You will also be able to access you email account via webmail. The link would be something like this www.web-designer-barnet.com/webmail. Then simply enter your username (which is your email address) and allocated password.

Google My Business Account

Another subject to bear in mind is to ensure that you have a Google Account. To create one all you need to begin with is a Gmail Account. By having gmail account, this will give to access to host of other Google services that will be vital for your business later down the line. One of them is the use of Google Business profile which is complete free. You would be mad not to take advantage of it, as this service alone is priceless. If you will be subscribing to my hosting or SEO service, then I will be able to help you setup your account for you.

Logo Design

Before MX create a website, it’s always a good for to have an idea or even the final logo to work with. This would give MX an idea of how website will look like in terms of branding. The logo would be a great starting point for how the website will eventually look. If you don’t have a logo, not to worry, MX can create one for you that you can own including all formats for lithographic printing using logo design service.

Website Content and Images

The most important part of creating a website is coming up with the right amount of relevant content. Of course, if you had the budget you could hire a copywriter. But to keep costs down, it would be a good idea to prepare yourself with around 300-500 words that describes your business as a whole. And of course, MX will be asking you as many questions about your business as possible. To have a better understand of what your goals are and business objectives. This would be enough for the home page to begin with. When it comes to having an efficient and easily searchable website, the more relevant content you have, the better. These days, MX would suggest a minimum of 2,000 words per page, will definitely help you achieve your goals, in shorter period of time. Not only that, but the more pages you have on your website, the more chance you will be found on search engines. Gone are the days where you just a had a website registered on a search engine and your phone would start ringing from new enquiries. Search engine Optimisation has now become an industry in its own right. There’s just no point having a website anymore if you don’t have some form of monthly budget to help your site stay afloat and seen. For more details, go to SEO services.

Website Design Mockup

Once the domain name, email address and logo have been finalised,MX shall then move on and start creating the web design as a mock-up website. This may take between 1 of 2 weeks depending on the complexity of the website design itself. Once a first draft is completed, I shall send across a link to you for approval. MX will of course make the necessary tweaks and amendments if required. Once approved, MX will then proceed to launch your newly created website. Initially, it will be a simply case of ‘pointing’ your domain name to my hosting server. There are just a couple of Domain Name Server settings from registered domain account that need to be changed and saved. Follow instructions here. Once in place, it take around 4 – 6 hours for the changes to propagate.

Email Account Setup

Whilst this is happening, MX can only then proceed in setting up your agreed email address. Once setup and tested from my end, MX will then send across the email account details and instructions to you. Click on email set up instructions for more detailed information.

Launching Website

That’s it, your new site should at this point be newly launched. Hurrah! Great isn’t it, …or is it? Well, yes your site has now been launched and anyone you knows your web site address can view it. But what about potential new customers who don’t? You will eventually need an ongoing basic SEO service or even an expert SEO service.

Why is SEO really important these days?

One route of getting noticed fast, is pay per click advertising. Which does work if you have the budget for it. But this doesn’t add value to your site. What I mean by that is instead of spending the money on an advert, why not spend it on your website itself using an SEO service. The work that is done on your website ie. keyword research, local SEO, url structure, backlinks, strategic descriptions etc. This all remains on your website soon after the work has been done. If competition is low for the set keywords, then the SEO produce will continue to remain on your site for a long to come. As oppose to paid online advertising, which only allows your website to be visible, whilst the advert is being paid for. In other words, once you stop paying for the adverts, your website visibility disappears. So MX would strongly suggest that you have some kind of monthly budget for ongoing SEO, no matter how small. This would ensure that your website will always or at the very least, have a good chance of being visible for your main keywords.

What areas have I covered in the past for web design and logo design?

MX have now created a number of websites mainly concentrated in the Hertfordshire and North London area. MX have offered a range of services mainly web design so far in Welwyn, Hatfield, Harpenden, St Albans, Stevenage, Hitchin, Enfield, Cricklewood, Hackney, Watford and even as far as Brighton and Worthing would you believe.

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