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CLIC Sargent is a UK charity in the United Kingdom established in 2005. The charity focuses on helping and supporting children and young people whi have developed cancer. The charity also supports their families. They provide support clinically, financially and emotionally to help support the children throughout the tine, enabling them to deal with the cancer and be able to enjoy their lives to the full.

Whilst working for a London marketing company, one of their clients was CLIC Sargent whose client representative briefed me on creating an advertising pitch card for their company. Sales representatives out in the field would use the final advertising pitch card to develop awareness and raise funds for the charity from the public. I created a double sided A4 layout which then be printed and laminated for use at a number of smaller marketing companies based in different parts of the country. It took me a couple of weeks to complete the project from brief to final delivery at the marketing companies. Design and layout was based on strict company guidelines. Images and content also were provided.


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