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Let’s cut to the chase. Here are a few clients that have already benefited from using my SEO service. Listed are the main keywords search terms for each client. To view the live results simply click onto the keywords below. Why not have your business next on the list below, and reap the long term rewards, just like these businesses.

Bed & Breakfast Harpenden‘ –

Goddess Reiki‘ –

Power Flush Herts‘ –

Print Service Welwyn‘ –

Breakdown Recovery Watford‘ –

Bouncy Castle Hatfield‘ –

Art Therapy North London‘ –

Petrochemicals Hitchin‘ –

Alloy Wheels Welwyn‘ –

Management Skills Learning Stevenage‘ –

LED Lighting Welwyn‘ –

High Performance Car Sales Watford‘ –

Electrical Services Radlett‘ –

Car Garage St Albans‘ –

Flooring Specialists Herts‘ –

‘Can I be number one on Google?’

MX gets asked this all the time and rightly so. And the answer to that question is yes you can, just like my previous clients or even better. With a bit of time and effort on my part, you can eventually dominate the top spot for years to come. Not just with a few keywords but with multiple relevant key phrases that will cover every aspect and area of your business. Although, gone are the days where just a few well place keywords within your site to get good rankings. These days, competition is fierce and everyone is literally fighting for the top spot. So every little tweak no matter how insignificant it may seem, all counts towards convincing the search engines, that your business deserves the top spot or at the very least, a progressive higher ranking than before.


So why is an SEO service so important?

Initially your site may be ranked highly from the initial content SEO and everything is looking great. But over time, rankings will start to slide. There are many reasons for this, one main reason is perhaps that your own competitors are themselves investing in ongoing SEO which eventually pushes your site down the rankings, losing you valuable business. And if your site only makes it to page 2 on Google for certain keywords, since most users don’t even bother with page 2, you might as well not have a website at all. It’s that serious. And if the user is searching on a mobile, which is now the norm, they would only concentrate on the first screen or page that they see.

The other reason is that search engines change their so called algorithms on a regular basis. Only recently, Google decided that responsive sites or mobile friendly sites are going to be ranked higher.

Having a great new website without any consideration for any kind ongoing SEO service, is like having a great looking car but deciding not to put any fuel in it. Your just not going to get anywhere, for anyone to see you in it.

How will your business benefit from the cost of an SEO service?

Firstly, SEO is not a cost, it’s an investment to your business. If your a property owner, you would understand that by now that by spending time, money and effort on maintaining  and developing, that eventually, and at times immediately, it would add value to the property. It is the same principle when it comes to your business website. Bottom line, the more you spend on organic ongoing SEO, long term will bring you more enquires through your website. Which in turn bring give your business more leads and more sales. Pay per click in my opinion is only worth using for short and sweet marketing campaigns. The effects are immediate but they are more expensive to run for the period of time allocated. And since they are separate adverts and not part of your website, they don’t add any value to you website. An ongoing SEO service is a long term cost-effective investment.


What is involve when your website is being to SEO’d?

There are a number of areas that needs to be looked at such as keyword research, page titles, search descriptions and page urls, and back links. And number of technical or structural pointers as well such checking the coding all the coding is up-to-date and in the right place.


Do you need all areas to be adjusted and corrected?

MX recommends having everything checked and amended to suit your target audience. Everything needs to be as air tight as possible, all the time. It would be like me saying, ‘Well, it’s ok Captain, your ship looks great and it’s ready for launch, although there’s a couple of holes we haven’t plugged in yet but we should be fine’. Not matter how smooth your ship launches, if there are even the tiniest of holes in it, eventually your ship will start sink.


Why should you use my SEO service?

MX have been creating websites for a long time now and have come to realise that, yes it important to have a great looking website, but equally important is to have the right SEO service to go along with it. Without the right SEO the website simply doesn’t work as hard as it ought to. There are so many variations to consider when adjusting your site for SEO. And over a period of 7 years, MX would like to think that we have learnt a thing or two when it comes ranking websites on search engines. MX are having to constantly learning new things and keep up to date since SEO trends are always changing and being updated. MX find it very challenging in a good if anything else. As far as web developing is concern, nothing gives me more pleasure than getting a clients website to the number one spot on Google. So give MX a challenge!


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