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Q: Am I in the right place for a full monthly service SEO carried by a real SEO Expert?

The most likely reason why your are here is because you have probably recently been on Google and endlessly typed in keywords for your business and yet your website is nowhere to be found. Or it used to be on page one but now it just doesn’t seem to reach anymore. And because of this, you frustratingly and worryingly know, that your competitors are quite simply, taking your business away from you. And you can’t get hold of the original web designer or they simply don’t provide an effective SEO service.

Here at Media Expert we understand how important your business is to you. Just in the same way we feel about our own business. So we insure that we do everything we possible can to help improve your business through our Web Dev and SEO services, and get your website running as it should. Here we don’t use any black-hat or dodgy techniques. This kind of practice, which unfortunately does still happen, has a serious negative effect to websites. Ultimately losing you business.

Everything about this service will be carried out meticulously and in the proper way. We’re always looking to achieve your long term goals. So no short cuts will be considered during this process. We will be delivering this service the proper way. This is the all or nothing SEO process.

Q: So what does your SEO Expert process involve and what do I get for each of my payments?

Before we can begin any SEO service, your website needs to be free from any errors. It needs to be working efficiently before it can be optimised for page ranking. Any discrepancies need to be corrected in order for the SEO to work effectively. To begin this process we need to start with a Basic SEO audit.

Basic SEO Audit

This initial cost pays for the time it takes to carry out the basic SEO audit. It is basically thorough health check of your website. It is really important to find out what exactly what is wrong with your website in order to fix it. We will basically check everything on your website from webpage load times, urls, page structure, page links, title tags, meta descriptions, content and a few other visual and communication SEO factors like contact forms, usability, layout and design. You will receive a detailed technical report of your website at the end of the process.

Q: What if we do find errors on my website?

If any website errors are found from the results of the basic SEO audit these will need to be addressed and rectified. A Web Dev service will need to be put in place to fix all or most of the website errors. Since there will be no point continuing with the SEO work until all errors have been fixed.

Website Development Service

An estimate for lead time will be based on the findings of the Basic SEO audit report. If the website is found to have serious errors that warrant a complete rebuild, we will provide you with a full quote.

Q: And what if you don’t find any errors?

If there are no errors then that’s great news all round. No need to spend on any further on the Web Dev service and you can now proceed to the next stage which is an Advanced SEO audit. There are 4 main areas that need to be completed.

This audit is what will drive and optimise your website. The information from this audit is vital to getting your website ranked in the most effective manner.

Advanced SEO Audit

Once the Basic audit is fully completed and your website is error free, we can no proceed through the Advanced SEO audit. This process involves a number of procedures listed below.

Keyword research

Using a keyword planner tool, we will research and identify keywords that  produce the best results for your website. These may not necessarily be keywords that competitors use. We try to avoid highly competitive keywords. Thus ensuring we do get ranked and found by users.

Google analysis

By analysing past and present performances, we will be able to spot negative and positive trends that can be reduced or improved through possible opportunities. If a Google account is not available, we will need to create one and monitor the results for at least 2 weeks.

Google webmaster tools

This tool will give a more detailed insight to any technical issues. We will be able to determine what may be occurring within the website in relation of being listed on Google search engine.

Link profile analysis

Each website will already have links from other sites that can actually be detrimental and affect the websites performance in a negative way. This will need to be highlighted and corrected by trying to have them deleted.

Once the Advanced SEO audit is complete, we can now implement our SEO strategy going forward. The website will require editing to accommodate the new information gained from the Advanced audit.

Now at this stage, the website will need editing and amending. If we feel that the work is a bit more than anticipated, we will provide you with a lead time. Web Dev hourly rate applies.

SEO Only: Monitoring and Auditing

The is an ongoing process that monitors all the new SEO changes and amendments to ensure that they are working in the websites favour. This process includes detailed monthly reports on all activities that have taken placed on the website. This will include your visitors, page rankings, new page inbound links.

If you have chosen the basic SEO monthly package, then you will need to consider that your website will need adjusting and amending. This adjusting may have to come under using the Web Dev service. This adjusting will be needed in order to optimise the website as the monthly reports come through.

SEO & Website Development

If you do require further amendments throughout the month, we will suggest this monthly package instead of paying an hourly rate.

Full SEO Service

This service also includes all of the above and back link inclusions, blogging and social media setup and updates.

If you have any further queries or questions, which I am sure you do, please get in touch to discuss further.

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