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Q: Will my business be able to afford your basic SEO package?

If you run a small business and your monthly marketing budget can be understandably tight. With price structure below, you will hopefully be able to find an SEO service that we suit your needs. You can simply start with the smallest package at just £29 per month and gradually upgrade when your business website, gains more momentum, and is starting to generate more leads. Of course, the smaller SEO service will be limited and the results may take longer to begin with but at least you are making a start at developing your websites SEO. Any SEO is better than nothing at all. And remember, unlike paid advertising which only lasts whilst your paying for it, any SEO that is implemented onto your website, remains on your website forever. So slowly but surely the SEO will add value to your website. Also think as SEO as not a cost but an investment. You will reap the rewards in the long run. In turn, be more visible than your competitors which will increase your ROI.

Q: Can you SEO my site as it is?

Strictly speaking, your website needs to be free from any errors. We will run a free and simple test, which is provided by Google called the Pagespeed test. The results will give a quick and simple insight on how your website is performing according to Google. Any major errors may have to be dealt with to begin with before continuing with any SEO service. Minor errors can be incorporated into the service which may delay work in SEO. This can be discussed in more detail if and when the time comes.

Q: What details do I need to hand over in order for you to carry out this service? 

We will need access to your current hosting account and if any Google analytics account.

Q: I’ve viewed your costings but I think I can afford a larger budget. Do you have a more detailed service, provided by a real SEO expert? 

If you are feeling flush and you want a more thorough professional monitoring and auditing SEO service, then click on the link the find out the full process which is carried out by our SEO Expert.

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